Thanks to our sponsors, and generous donors, we have been able to equip our team with some of the best dive technology available, and provide extensive training to our crew. Below are some of the equipment and capabilities of our team:

Dive Team

HEART members go through extensive dive training to ensure that each recovery mission is completed safely. They are trained to operate all equipment and technologies to ensure missions are completed thoroughly and efficiently.

ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)

Our ROV is designed for speed and efficiency, ideal for missions that may require inspection beyond the reach of divers. The high resolution video and ability to dive over 300meters, allows search teams to more thoroughly check the waters.


Our Sonar technology which includes Towed Side Scan, Multi-Beam ROV mounted as well as LiveScope Sonar, is designed specifically for marine search, survey, and recovery applications. High-quality imaging make the sonar system extremely helpful in recovering victims when visibility is poor or diving isn’t possible.

Recovery Vehicles

Our Whaly 500R, an incredibly robust, double-walled boat, is a preferred choice for recovery operations. Made from high-grade Polyethylene, with a foam layer on the interior and full enclosure, it is almost unsinkable and indestructible.

Our TMC Pontoon boat provides a large deck which is ideal for dive operations. Complete with a full enclosure that protects the crew and equipment from wind and rain, and provides lighting during poor conditions or late night missions.

The CanAm Defender Max with tracks allows us to travel further down rocky and muddy paths, giving us access to places that would otherwise be very hard to reach.